I’m not a light bulb, burnt out from all the positivity I share, soon to be replaced by a more expensive, more efficient model. I’m not an off-brand AA battery used up of its energy and replaced by “The Bunny Inside.” I am not a pair of sturdy blinds allowing sunshine to peek through the cracks and being replaced by cold blackout curtains. I’m not an air filter full of the things she’s seen and heard and negative things disposed of. I’m not a pair of old running shoes with soles running thin and tired because of the miles trecked. I’m not a blender’s blade, tired and dull from muddling through thicknesses of all sorts. I’m not as replaceable as their actions drive me to believe.

I am grandma’s recipe, passed down for generations and cherished as a true gem for gatherings. I am the sifted powdered sugar, light and delicate but always a dash or a dominant sweetness (like two pounds worth). I am as bold as a whole cup of cocoa and as pure as vanilla extract. Together in a bowl, I am just begging for two sticks of margarine and a half a cup of milk. Microwave is my place to stay warm but not on the standard power. My strength is only at 80% for 3 minutes, but still worth it. Sometimes life can make me a little nuts… pecans to be exact. After being stirred up with one and a half cups, I need time to chill, but I’ll be back in any hour. Who gives a “fudge” about the latest and greatest or the revamps or upgrades? The originals are classic and why be anything but?

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