Mr. 6 Flags

Top 3, one of the greatest military men I’ve ever met. Surpassed expectations of sweetness, considerate to a fault, and has more dedication than a penguin to its egg. We’ll call him Mr. 6 Flags cause boy was more than amusing and traveled 6 hours to see me roundtrip. Yes, this boy lived 3 hours north of me and wanted our first date to be a thrill so he bought us tickets to 6 Flags Over Texas and got himself a hotel the night before.

This was one of the cutest date ideas I’ve ever seen in action but… something stopped me. I know, I know… What more could an adventure-seeking, adrenalin junkie in her mid-twenties want? I’m actually not certain I know that answer today (tomorrow looks promising). The day was stellar at the themepark, we shared Mexican food (which is a sure way to my heart), and he was very sweet and respectful when we parted ways. He let me know when he got home safely and gushed about genuinely enjoying meeting me. I concurred and talked with him another conversation or two but then severed hope for the next commute date. Of course, he didn’t want to be friends and of course, he didn’t understand. How could he comprehend something I couldn’t convey? But… He’ll always be Mr. Six Flags to me.

Here is a 6 ingredient dessert that’s oh-so sweet and satisfying- until it’s gone. This recipe has many different names and comes from many different sources. My source is from The Greatest Person On Earth… My mother. She calls it Kelly Squares which is a “scream” at any party in New Orleans.
Mix a box of yellow cake mix with a stick of melted butter and press into the bottom of a 9 by 13 pan. You need more than just a square pan because this boy is the furthest thing from a square. Standard temperature of 350 and 40 minutes will be the time spent together. At maximum speed for maximum thrills, beat 2 eggs, one block of cream cheese, and 1 teaspoon of vanilla. Slow coasters or mixers are for 48 inches and under, also known as “Kiddieland.” Pour mix over cake crust. Ensure dish is securely fastened in oven before initiating the “Go Button.” Best served cold, like the way I felt after ending things before they could pick up momentum.

Picture of Mr. 6 brought to you by:


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