There’s no such thing as cheating in the casual dating world— then why do I feel cheated?
Attachment is nothing to play with, yet I feel played.
Don’t catch feelings is the name of the game, yet I feel caught. Caught between hopeful present and begrudging reality.
It’s all just fun yet feeling left in shambles seems so unjust?
This person is supposed to make you complete, yet you’re constantly reminded of the pounding inner emptiness.
Make the most of your moments, even if the moments make you weary?
Love is a breath of fresh air, yet with more dates, this grows stale.
Chivalry is dead, yet him holding a car door or kissing your hand makes you feel alive.
“It gets better,” yet the symptoms are more severe after every love sickness?
It started with cunning words and ended with none at all.
Love is timeless, yet the wrinkles tell a different story.
Ingredients will deplete, yet the feeling of making something great will fuel obtaining more.
Cheese compliments breakfast, lunch, or dinner, yet cheese in dessert is far from an insult.
“Life gives you lemons,” striving to make you bitter, yet life underestimated your supply of sugar.
Pain isolates, yet happiness liberates: seek it, choose it, embrace it.

Cheesecake gives you “endorphins. Endorphins makes you happy. Happy people just don’t kill their [bumble dates], they just don’t!” I hope you picked up on my movie quote;) Grab America’s favorite cookie, blocks of cream cheese, and a smile because these mini cheesecakes are gonna rock this cold world.

Since nothing in this life comes standard, preheat your oven to 275. Grab as many cupcake liners of all patterns (Easter eggs, leprechauns, pencils, zombies, and glittery tinsel), cheesecake doesn’t discriminate. Place this diverse bunch of liners in a muffin tin. This recipe calls for 15…even though a cupcake pan only holds 12. Like life, not everything operates on logic. Put 12 cookies in the liners and I guess eat the other 3? Your digression but, you will need an additional 6 to dazzle the batter with. Beat one pound of cream cheese with 1/2 cup of sugar because you have your own sweetness that would greatly exceed a cup. Add 1 tsp vanilla, the pure stuff because isn’t there enough imitation in this world– especially the dating one. When life cracks you, crack back. Show two eggs who are boss, then proceed with 1/2 cup of sour cream and a pinch of salt. Mix 6 Oreos in the mix and then fill each liner almost all the way up. Bake 22 minutes and then refrigerate to set. “Ahh, the power of cheese”…cake.
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