Mr. Hipster

He was short with a tatted sleeve and half of his head shaved. The other side of his head had flippy blonde hair that brushed his right cheek. He was totally not my type… do people even have types anymore?

Well, we went on dates like coffee shops and explored old record stores and a bookstore that was previously an opera house. He was a great kisser and I mean grrrrrrreat (part of a balanced breakfast). But, I guess relationships were too “trendy” for him… after staying up way too late together on a weeknight, I confessed that I liked him a couple days later and that’s when he ghosted me. The first ghosting is the worst, right?

I had to make something to put a better taste in my mouth… I found a recipe for “belly buttons,” that seemed suiting. Not only is this an outlandish name for a dessert, but it’s not really that sweet. It’s also not too salty. It’s simple, yet meticulous just for the sake of being so. Unwrap an entire bag of Hershey Kisses, place handfuls of waffle pretzels on a baking sheet not overlapping, and preheat the oven to 250. Naturally, even an obscure convectional heating time. Situate each Hershey kiss on each pretzel and then bake for 3 minutes. Wow, about the length of this fling. Then, once removing from the oven, promptly squish one M&M to the top of each Hershey Kiss. Refrigerate immediately and then consume shamelessly.


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