November 28th, 2017

Dating like a dude, serial dater, player, or being a total operator and looking like a babe doing it. I’ve been accused of all of them and verdict is out- ALL TRUE…. Except maybe the babe part, but hey! I cant look to shabby if I was able to go on 8 dates in one week. Yes, that is an actual number of dates with different guys from a Monday to a Sunday. I am not a hoe, a heart-breaker, or trying to get free dinners and drinks. I am looking for the real thing and doubling my odds. Think of it as being efficient. This generation is all about the now. More and more guys don’t believe in monogamy but they don’t advertise it, so how else to find out what they’re about without meeting them?
I am simply treating dating like the toddler game with 3-D shapes. You know, the one where the container has a lid with cut outs of squares, stars, rectangles, and triangles. Each guy has their own qualities that make them similar and classifiable. 

~SQUARES are what the kids these days call “fuck boys”.
~RECTANGLES are a step up. They put fourth a little effort but still have the same shallow priorities as a square.i-b394aca2e424fdc73a648a9386086d70-ornkloo1 (1)

~CIRCLES can go either way, they just have no angle for a spark . Usually there is no foreseeable future, long or sometimes short-term with a circle.
~STARS are the ultimate- if I found a star that was genuinely gleaming and not just hot gas, I wouldn’t be blogging my dating defeats.

I don’t love playing games when it comes to matters of the heart but people (yes girls included; I’m certainly guilty of this) want what they can’t have. So, this means being “unusually hard to hold onto (Sara Bareilles).” So, I’ll keep playing till I win and then cash out. I’m also taking a gamble on this blog so leave me a comment on your thoughts ;))
Let the dating chronicles begin.

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5 thoughts on “ November 28th, 2017

  1. Comparing your dates to blocks/ kid’s toys was real funny.
    However, I have a friend, who did something similar – doubling, tripling, quadrupling her odds. And then… she ended up in love with multiple guys. Dating them at the same time. Unable to figure out which one she liked more…


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